We are the official Running Club at The Ohio State University

All levels are welcome — come run with us!


THE Summer 2017 Training Plan

Here’s a link to the 2017 Summer Training Plan. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Distance Captain, Ryan Heckman.

Also, here is the link to the Summer Distance Weight Circuit video.

And for all you sprinters out there looking to get a head start on track, here is the link to the Official Summer Sprinting Training Plan.

Notes about the New Sprint Records

Any records set by Stephen Finley are now property of Ryan Whitney after the events of the Mile race between the two on 2/21/2017. These records will be returned to Mr. Finley after he graduates or breaks them again.


At ONU’s Joe Banks Invite, 3 indoor track records were broken!

Congratulations to Drew Davis, Paul Bete, and Will Herriman for knocking down the 1000 Meter Run, Mile Run, and 500 Meter Run records’!

New Election Structure!

We have a new election structure! Read all about it here.

We’re excited to see where this step forward takes the Club.fa

New Running Story

Read about Alexei’s indomitable strength here.

Thinking about Joining Track for the 2017 Season?

First Thing: Come to a practice and see what we’re all about!

  • See the Indoor Track Training Schedule, located right below this post, to see where and when you can find us.

Once you’ve decided that Running Club is awesome, and that you should join, decide what level of membership you wish to have.

  • If you want to run Track and Field Competitively and go to our Indoor and Outdoor track meets, you can become a Competitive Member for the semester for just 65 dollars! A competitive membership includes the cost of meet entrance fees, any subsidization the Club might give for things like gas and hotels, and NIRCA Membership dues. Competetive Members also get to be a Social Member for no extra charge.
  • If you want to train with us, eat with us, and be merry with us, but not compete, that’s also great! You can become a Social Member for the semester for only 30 dollars. This fee includes the cost of food and other miscellaneous things at social events plus any Subsidization of Social outings by the Club.

Having made these two crucial decisions, all you need to do now is fill out this form and pay your fees through one of two convenient methods: Venmo or Cash.

If you wish to Venmo your fee, please Venmo it to @RunClubatOSU. After doing this, please also turn in the above form filled out to any officer or email it to OSU.running.club@gmail.com.

If you wish to pay in Cash, please turn in the above form and the amount you are paying to any officer.

We hope to see you soon! Go Bucks!

Running Club Logo.jpeg

Indoor Track Training Schedule:

As of 1/09/2017, we will be following the Indoor Track Training Schedule. We will be meeting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:30 at the Union for normal runs, and we will be meeting Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 P.M. at the French Field House for workouts. If you come to the Union at 4:30, MWF and can’t find anyone, check inside. If you come to the Union at 4:30 T,TH you will find no one.

News Items:

Evan Sergent is the new webmaster

New Running Story!

A Different Kind of Cinderella Story- Jenny Sanderson

Miss the Info Session?

Access all the info here

Keep Up to Date!

Join our Facebook group for up to date info about runs, events, and witty banter

Fall 2016 meeting schedule:

Info Session: Before welcome week run- Wednesday, Aug 24th @ 4:30 pm
location: Ohio Union Senate Chamber
Welcome Week Run: Wednesday, Aug 24th @ 5:30 pm – location: Wexner Plaza
Daily Runs: Monday- Friday 5:30 pm at the West Union Plaza

Running Stories Coming Back!

Watch out for new stories coming soon:
With so many members, everyone’s running story is different. Learn how some of our most devoted members started running and why they love it so much.
Check out some past and new running stories here

2016 Outdoor Season Wrap up

Great job to everyone who participated in the 2016 NIRCA Track Nationals and in the Boston Marathon!




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