Why I Joined Running Club – John Lin

Why I Joined Running Club – John Lin

Hello everyone!

My name is John Lin and I am the President of the Ohio State Running Club. This is the second official blog post of the running club, and every one will eventually blog on this site. Keep posted here to learn more about all of your officers and why they chose to join the Running Club. Today I will be giving a brief background of my running history, why I joined the Running Club, and some of my favorite moments from my three years here! I hope that from this blog you will get to know a little bit more about me and why I love the Ohio State Running Club.

To start off, again my name is John Lin. I am currently a Junior from Dublin, OH majoring in Biology with aspirations to go to medical school and eventually work as a sports medicine doctor.

My running career a long time ago at Dublin Grizzell middle school in 7th grade. Before this, I have never ran in my life and did not even think about running cross country or track. When 7th grade came around, I just decided to participate in cross country thinking hey what’s the worst that could happen? This was before I had the running knowledge that I have today, so I came to the first day of official practice with no prior summer conditioning. The first few weeks were rough, and I was often struggling to run 3-4 miles without walking. My first race I ran a 18 min 2 mile, and I had to walk for part of it. I was often last on the team to finish during my 7th grade cross country.  I was often frustrated during this season. However, I continued to run and work hard and eventually I dropped my 2 mile PR down to 13 min by the end of my 8th grade year. By high school, I realized that running year round was a necessity and my times dropped significantly to eventually a 17:30 5k, 10:48 2 mile, and 4:56 mile by the end of my senior year at Dublin Jerome High School.

 After senior year of track ended, many of my peers stopped running completely. Yet I still loved running way too much to quit and wanted to join a group that I would be able to run with throughout college. So like many incoming freshmen today, I checked out the running club website, became very interested in joining, and e-mailed the then president Mike Shah about joining! Everything he said and what the website said sounded awesome. When the first day of running club came around my freshmen year, I knew I made the right decision. I started coming most days to running club my freshmen year, and I made a lot of close friends that shared similar interests to me to this day I am still friends with! I began to become more and more involved with running club, and by the end of my freshmen year I ran for a racing committee officer position and was elected for my sophomore year. During my sophomore year, my role in the club greatly expanded as I was in charge of leading workouts, handling race-related issues, and answering questions any prospective members had. I continued to make new friends and became very close with all of my fellow running club members and officers. The end of my sophomore year, I was elected as one of the Co-VPs which is what my current position is now as a junior.

There are many reasons why I love the OSU Running Club. Coming in as a freshmen I didn’t know a lot of people besides friends from my dorm and from my high school. I wanted to get to know more people and join an organization that shared my love for running, which running club perfectly fit that description.  Running with others on a regular basis makes training so much easier and fun, because you have people to constantly push you during workouts. I also wanted to keep on continuing to race as well. I knew there was a lot I could improve on and new distances to compete in  that I didn’t have the opportunity to participate in high school such as the 8k in cross country, half and full marathons, and 1497989_10152242616840649_2002322847_oeven the 3k steeplechase in track! In addition, all of the social events and races we have definitely make running club that much more awesome and are my favorite parts of it. We definitely bonded together as team a lot more than in previous years, and I have gotten really close to and made a lot of great friendships throughout the entire semester! Being in a cramped car for 6 hours definitely allows you to get to know and become a lot closer to members in running club that you didn’t previously know before! I definitely want to thank each and every member for coming to running club  working hard and giving it their best effort. If it wasn’t for you all, running club wouldn’t be where it was today!

 Now I just wanted to point out a few of my favorite moments from running club since I was a freshmen. One key highlight was my first NIRCA XC nationals trip my freshmen year in Charlotte, North Carolina. All of the memories made such as playing Take me Home Country Roads for 3 hours straight during West Virginia, running an incredible PR at nationals, and bonding with all of my teammates were things that I will never forget. One of my other favorite moments was our end of the semester dinner at Phillip’s house during Spring Semester of my sophomore year. This was our first really big and crazy get together, and I really enjoyed the experience hanging out and becoming closer with my club members! Lastly, the Smoky Mountains camping trip has been one of my most enjoyable experiences so far with the running club. Traveling down to our cabin and hanging out with some of my favorite people for 3 days was definitely a memorable experience. Especially seeing and being in close proximity to Killer the black bear, and Stella the raccoon was something that I would never forget. I definitely became a lot closer to many club members during the trip and because of all of the experiences we shared together.

Lastly, I wanted to thank Erica Kelly and every single running club officer, for all of their hard work and dedication they put into Running Club. All of you play an important role in the functionality of the organization and I am honored to be working alongside you all. I am really excited for our club to continue to grow and expand with all of your help. In particular, Erica Kelly has done a lot for us and devotes so much time to the club being president the last two years. She truly cares about the club, and we definitely all appreciate what you have done for us. We will all be sad to see you go as you graduate from college, but we wish you the best of luck for the future! 

Thanks again to everyone who read my blog, and stay tuned to see more from our members!
Go Bucks! 

John Lin