Why I Love OSU Running Club – Jack Schlabig

Why I Love OSU Running Club – Jack Schlabig

Hello world, this is the first official blog post of the Ohio State Running Club. 

So let me introduce myself, my name is Jack Schlabig and I’m one of the Co-VP’s of the Club. My goal of this post is to ramble for a while and hopefully you can learn more about me and the OSU Running Club. I transferred to OSU after my freshman year at Tiffin university and I am so glad I did. When I left Tiffin, I did not think I was going to run again because I was very injury prone. As a senior in high school I had surgery on my leg and 1398627_10152131304850649_998939927_othen I came back from it too soon which caused problems in my knee. I almost gave up on running but I took it back to square one and ran 2 miles a day at eight minute pace. Eventually I started to get back in shape and ran my first 5k (a blazing 18:51). Once I started to enjoy running again I wanted to look for a group to run with at OSU. I contacted John Lin and he told me about the Running Club which made me excited to come to OSU. I’m not the most outgoing person so it was nice to find people that shared similar interests.

Everyone was really welcoming and I felt like I was part of the group instantly. Once I got comfortable with the club I’ve grown to love it and this year I feel like we are becoming really close. Getting to know everyone has been amazing and I love the energy we have. Probably my favorite part of the club is traveling to the meets together. When you travel 6 hours in a car with people you get to know them pretty well. We have so many inside jokes and just being around the club makes my day that much better.  Everyone who knows me knows how much I love running. I basically do four things each day: go to class, run, eat and nap. I love napping almost as much as I love running. Not a lot of people understand why runners love running and it’s not easy to explain. I just know there is no better feeling then when I am running hard and it feels so easy. When you’re running you can forget every problem you have and just focus on how good the run feels. I can have a terrible day but there is a good chance that after I go for a run I will automatically feel better. Running has been a major part of my life and I met a lot of great people from running.

I just wanted to finish off this post by mentioning some great moments this fall season.
Steven Facca is coming back from an stress fracture and he had a great workout on the track the other day. I love to see his passion for running and his will to get back at it after his injury.

Rita Mayer won the Columbus marathon for her age group. She might be one the few people in this world who loves running  as much as me.

Regan “R Kelly” Roshetko showed a lot of heart at the national race and really impressed me.

Rachel Hahn was an All-American at the national race which is very difficult to do and shows how good of a runner she is.

Sarah Bourdon ran her first cross country race of her life this fall and then she kept running races and getting better!

Jenifer Doerr shows up to running club almost every day and works as hard as anyone on the club. She really motivates me to try and be the best I can be.

Zak “Book Cover Man” Martins had one of the best workouts I’ve seen when he ran 3 mile intervals at 5:25 pace and then PR’d with a 9:58 2 mile. What a great workout.

A ton of the members ran the Columbus half/full marathon this fall. Anyone who runs a half/full marathon must love running and has a ton of heart. It’s very impressive to run that far and it’s something everyone who does it should be proud of. Whether it was their first or fifth marathon it’s a great accomplishment. 

Finally, I want to let everyone know that Erica Kelly was a great president and the club would not have been able to function without her. She did so much for this club and does not get enough praise.  Thanks for everything Erica.

The OSU Running Club is like my family and I love them all.