Running: It’s Always Been There For Me – Armon Kennedy

Running: It’s Always Been There For Me – Armon Kennedy

I’ve been involved in OSU Running Club for my first two years of college. I am very happy with what this club and what running in general has been able to give me. I am from a small town where there aren’t many others who enjoy the sport like I do. When I run through my town I am the only one I see. As many of you may know I have a son who is almost 3 years old who stays in Illinois. I am also an RA on campus. I guess these can be fun facts about me. There are many aspects of my life that are always changing, including myself. Running is the one thing that doesn’t change for me. I have always felt the same way about it. It will be my tool for dealing with issues and give me a sense of enjoyment like it has for years. It is the one thing in my life that I know will be stable.

Why did you choose running as a sport?

I don’t know if I actually chose the sport of running because it was really my parents’ decision. I was put into track and field when I was around 5 years old and joined cross country soon after. Either way, I chose to keep doing it because of the competitiveness and adrenaline I felt during races. Running was a good way to let out my energy and I seemed to be good at it unlike my other sports of T-ball and flag football.

Did you run on your High School Cross Country or Track team?

Yes, I ran on both for all 4 years of high school.

 Where did you run and what events did you do?

I ran at a small school in the town of Poplar Grove, which is in Northern Illinois, called North Boone High School. My main event started as the mile until I found I was much better at the 800m run. After that point I ran the 4×800, the 800, and the 4×400 for the most part. I also ran in a 4×100 regularly senior year, so that was interesting.


Who is your biggest role model in the sport of running?

I’m not sure if I have a real role model in the sport of running. I am the type of runner who never pays attention to popular runners or even other local runners. I was never aspiring to be more like anyone else. I just want to be better, plain and simple.

 How has Running Club at Ohio State influenced your running experience?

Running Club at Ohio State has given me what I thought I had lost when I left high school. It’s allowed me to still have more of a purpose when I run. I am still able to compete in races and have that adrenaline rush that I thought I would never experience again. Running Club has allowed me to keep the one for sure stable thing in my life because of the events and community.

What have been some of your biggest obstacles you had to of overcome to be successful in this sport?

A huge obstacle is the time or focus it takes to keep going on with the sport. There are many points where I have extremely busy days and it takes so much to fit running into the schedule. To be somewhat successful in this sport I have had to go through a number of injuries and emotional setbacks within the sport. When a runner is injured the last thing they want to do is sit and rest. Also, when I felt like I failed myself so badly in high school state track meets multiple times, it took a large toll on me emotionally. You always feel like you could have done better no matter how hard you try if you didn’t get the results you wanted. That seems to be a runner’s type of mindset. It’s hard to accept that your hard work didn’t pay off.

 How many miles a week do you tend to run in training?

It’s difficult to give a good answer on how many miles I run per week because I tend to be inconsistent at times. I would say at around the 40 mile mark, depending on how much time I have in a week.

 Do you have any foods you like to indulge on post run?

 I love pasta! This sounds like a basic or typical runner’s answer but it’s true. The carbs fill me up nice. I also love a nice cold Gatorade or something sweet that’s not soda, like Kool-Aid. mmmm

Where do you see your running in 20 years?

In 20 years I hope that I have completed at least a couple marathons in my life. I hope I still have the will to go out and run every day. My running will be a nice hobby. It will still be a good way to vet.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to anyone just starting the sport?

Best piece of advice I have to give would be to not get too caught up in what you have done in the past. When you fail you must learn to keep your hope that next time can be better if you work at it. I agree with the thought that a good percentage of being successful at running is in your head. The emotion, focus, and ambition are the harder parts to refine in running. It’s definitely more than making your physical body in shape.