My Running Family – Frankie Rimer

My Running Family – Frankie Rimer

Hi everyone!

My name is Frankie Rimer and I’m a sophomore at Ohio State and this will be my second year as a part of Running Club. I’m majoring in Biology in hopes of one day going to vet school. My hometown is Cincinnati where I attended Walnut Hills High School and was a part of their cross country and track and field programs. I didn’t discover running until the start of my freshman year of high school. Up until I began high school I was a competitive gymnast but I always enjoyed the running component of our conditioning. I decided to run with the track team in the spring of my freshman year of high school and I’ve been in love with the sport and its people ever since.

My transition from middle school to high school was not an easy one. From preschool to eighth grade I attended a small Montessori school with a class of fourteen kids that I had known since I was five. When it came time to choose high schools, I was the only one in my class that decided to continue on to a public high school. I came into Walnut’s freshman class of 360 knowing no one and late to the game in terms of making friends because Walnut is 7th-12th grade and most students start there in middle school. My freshman year was very hard and I felt very alone for most of it. Whenever I would feel depressed or lonely I started running on my own. Running would always clear my mind and help me through whatever I was worried about. I decided that joining the track team would let me enjoy running while hopefully giving me the opportunity to meet new friends. Track practices quickly became the high lights of my week and I finally felt like I had a group that I belonged to. I decided to run cross country that summer and that’s where I truly found my home. The friends that I made during the long and sweaty summer runs for cross country soon became my family. Throughout my next three years of high school my teammates became my best friends as well as a constant source of encouragement and inspiration. We ran and raced as a team and provided each other with endless support not only in running but in all other aspects of our lives.

When I came to Ohio State I was afraid to leave my high school running family. I came into Ohio State having already heard about their running club but having no idea of what the team would be like. In my one year of involvement in the club the members that I’ve met are some of the most dedicated and inspirational people I’ve ever known. Everyone in running club is so supportive and encouraging to every member, whether they’re a Frankiecompetitive member or someone who just enjoys running to stay in shape. I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing group of people who share my love of running and a team I can call my family.

 Thank you so much for letting me share my running story! Happy summer miles!