The Best Decision I Made – Jeff Laux

The Best Decision I Made – Jeff Laux

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jeff Laux and I am a sophomore at Ohio State and I will be going into my second semester of involvement with the Running Club. I am from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and I am majoring in Welding Engineering. And this is my running story.

I began my running career in seventh grade where I decided to run cross country. My family was already into the running scene since my older sister was running for the high school team so I was hoping it was going to be the right fit for me. I soon found that I loved to run and became really close friends with all of my teammates. When track season rolled around I was torn between running track or playing baseball. I decided to do both. I absolutely hated track in 7th grade and decided I was just going to stick to cross country. I attended Woodridge High School in the small town of Peninsula, Ohio 336577_482731311758856_620935296_owhere I was an average runner but never quite good enough the varsity squad who had won 3 Division 2 State titles in my 4 years.  Running Cross Country in high school was an amazing experience and my team was family to me. At the end of my senior cross season I realized I was never going to run with some those guys ever again, so come track season I decided I was going to lay down the baseball bat and pick up a pair of spikes. I couldn’t have made a better decision. My coach had tried me in just about every event until we found where I belonged and much to my surprise, and the surprise of my Cross Country coach, it was the long jump. I ended up being the team’s number 1 long jumper at the end of the season.

Going into college I had the same worries everyone else had, could I continue to do what I love which was running. Prior to moving on to campus I had looked into the running club and decided I was going to join. First semester I had class during the everyday runs so I waited until second semester to join for track season. Soon after joining I realized the club is a lot more than just the daily runs, and had realized that joining the Running Club was the best decision I had made my freshman year.  I have made friends that I will have for a lifetime and I couldn’t be more grateful all the opportunities OSU Running Club has given me.

Thank you everyone in the OSU Running Club Family!