#ThrowBackThursday – Michigan Fall Classic

#ThrowBackThursday – Michigan Fall Classic

This year on October 25, the Ohio State Running Club traveled to Dearborn, Michigan for a cross country meet. ICYMI, officer Zach Dombi takes us on a little #TBT trip to the Michigan Fall Classic:



For those who do not know about what happened this weekend at the Michigan Fall Classic in Dearborn Michigan, I am going to share with what was arguably the best race running club has ever ran and will most definitely be attending again next year.

It consisted of but was not limited to:
-a 2nd place finish decided by rock paper scissors
-more medals and awards than there were people
-the last place girl vomiting
-a course created 20 minutes before the race
-A single individual with a microphone starting, finishing, commentating and even providing “wind” while giving out the awards

If any of these things interest you, I implore you to read on.

10:30- I arrive at the course and meet Jess, Jen, Sarah, Frankie, Rita, and Rachel H. Their race was supposed to start now, there a few cars around and a single tent, no race is occurring. For those of you who remember little tens last year with the fog and general Jank level. This is comparable

10:35- We get our race bibs. Plot twist it is BYO-Pen because you have to write your name age and school on it yourself. They did provide pins thankfully

10:45- The individual in the tent informs us the races will be delayed. It is slowly becoming apparent this guy is the only guy running the show, him and his megaphone buddy. The Jank level has risen dramatically this isn’t your regular NIRCA race, O no this one is special.

11-11:30- we sit around being cold in the middle of a park with one or two other small teams. Grand Rapids Michigan was there, some of Bowling green’s team. We are talking like 30ish people total, honest accurate number


11:35- The dude running the meet is walking around with a wheel PLANNING THE COURSE RIGHT THEN AND THERE. For reference the girls race was at 10:30 and the guys race was supposed to be at 11:45 and the course is being put together right before our eyes. He even went as far to use little gas line flags to mark the course as well as an ample amount of chalk.

11:45 we are informed they are running both the guys and girls together at noon. Progress has been made and we collectively as a group decided that this is going to be a slow jog, there is no way we are making this a competitive race

12:00 we are on the line, again maybe 5 teams around 30ish runners, guy with microphone basically just says ready set go and we are off. Almost no one is wearing spikes, I’m still rocking the tiger shirt

12:30- Yes we did it guys, the OSU running club consisting of myself and the 6 other ladies ran an impressive 30ish minute 5k. we didn’t come in last, we did walk up some of the hills, I rolled down a hill and it was a cavalcade of fun let me tell you.

Post race- We all finish together. They have a whole lot of Gatorade and apples, so many apples that Rachel Hahn almost has a seizures she is so excited. I have a black backpack on and Rita asks me why I didn’t just load up on Gatorade and stuff them in there. Jokes on her I already did, guess who is the proud owner of 48 blue Gatorades, this guy

1:00- There is a tie between the 2nd and 3rd place guys, BG and some random other small Michigan school. To resolve this the 30 of us in the middle of a random field, in a random park in Detroit Michigan, gather around what looks like the rap battle from 8 mile but is actually a rock paper scissors match for second. Best of 3 series goes Michigan, then BG and then in the final round Michigan wins again. Kid throws down paper to beat rock and looks like he just dropped the mic on the other kid. Crowd erupts in cheers.

1:15- They actually have medals, believe it or not, 15 for the guys and 15 for the girls. They even have top 3 trophies for both gender teams. If you are any good at math this basically amounts to everyone getting a medal like at the final game of an 8-year old co-ed soccer team. Humorous enough there aren’t even 15 girl finishers they give out medals to the top 12 girls (all of them) and then to the top 18 men. In between giving out medals guy with the megaphone is making wind noises with his mouth to appease the crowd. Homie can’t get enough of the megaphone

1:30- I congratulate the guy who set it up solo on a fantastic race and assure him we will be back next year with greater numbers to slow jog in a NIRCA nationals qualifier at a cool 30 minutes. Easily the best NIRCA race of all time and on that note we leave.

I hope you all enjoyed this recap of Running club takes on Dearborn, Michigan.

-Zach Dombi