Running Club’s membership has been rising in recent years, and we are happy that so many runners are becoming aware of the fun and personal fulfillment that comes with joining Running Club. Before you decide to become an official member, we recommend that you come try it out! All dues help the club function as well as make any necessary purchases.

Running Club offers two membership options to accommodate all types of runners with various goals:

  • Competitive Dues: Competitive dues are paid by members who intend to race with the club at least once during the semester or year. 
  • Non-competitive Dues: Non-competitive dues are paid by members who do not intend to race with the club during the semester or year but intend on coming to some social events. 

Click here to see or download the membership form with the 2016-2017 dues!

Fall 2016 dues must be paid by September 7thDues also cover the End of Semester Dinner, so we encourage all members to attend!

 For a more detailed look at Running Club Membership and what it can mean for you, check out our informational slides here.

The Running Club is more than just a group of people that run together, but a close group of friends that hang out off the track.

IMG_6534Through out the year, Running Club goes on social outings such as laser-tag, SkyZone, dinner outings, and more. We are also always looking for awesome volunteer opportunities for the club to participate in and help give back to the community.

Member’s dues, including social members, go toward the funding of some of these events.

Check our calendar for upcoming social events or if you are a dues paying member you can access detailed social event information here!